Randox’s research division offers a comprehensive range of tests directed towards Metabolic and Nutrition research. Randox offers reagents and arrays on two analyser platforms, which are the RX series of clinical chemistry analysers, or Randox’s unique multiplex Biochip array technology.

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Randox's multiplex Biochip Array Technology is a multi-analyte testing platform facilitating the simultaneous quantitative or qualitative detection of a wide range of analytes from a single sample.

Metabolic Syndrome Array I
  • - 9 Biomarkers
  • - Hormones
  • - Inflammatory Proteins
Metabolic Syndrome Array II
  • - 3 Biomarkers
  • - Hormones
  • - Inflammatory Proteins
Vitamin D Array
  • - 25(OH)D2
  • - 25(OH)D3
Cardiac Array
  • - 4 Biomarkers

Our extensive range of cardiac biomarkers offers superior performance and are available for use on a wide range of clinical chemistry analysers as well as our own clinical chemistry 'RX series' range.

Total Cholesterol

The RX series of clinical chemistry reagents can be run on our range of research analysers.